It all starts with what the cattle eat. Grass fed throughout their whole life make it certain the steer or heifer's meat will be tender and juicy. We like to work with under 30 month old Black Angus steers and heifers. No added hormones, all natural, and USDA Brand Inspected! Safe and Delicious for your family. 

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To our customers

The goal is simple, offer the best quality meats, for the best prices around. La Mexicana Angus LLC is family owned and operated. It sticks to what it was originally meant to be, an old fashioned meat market. Your friendly neighborhood butcher shop.

about our meats

We like to sell only the finest meats at very affordable prices. Those that have tried our meats know that buying fresh and recently butchered beef and pork is the best way to go. No meat comes from a box that has been processed in a warehouse and all our cuts are made to your liking. We grind our own hamburger daily with no added fillers or additives. When we say lean we mean LEAN. We have customers that come in every other day to buy their groceries for their meals and we have customers that like to buy in bulk to fill their freezer's up for the year! Which ever way you like to shop your meats, we got you covered. 

One thing we've learned in all the years of running our butcher shop is that no two customers are the same. We can cut and provide you with your meats anyway you want them for anyone who walks through our doors.

"From the farm to the kitchen, always fresh, La Mexicana Meats"


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When it comes to meat cuts, there is no dumb questions. There are people that know them, and there are people that don't. Don't be shy, ask the butchers! We can guide you from picking the right cut of meat for your meal and even guide you on different ways to cook it! 

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Fresh meats at amazing prices